We love Bulgaria!

Who we are: We are a licensed tour operator with years of experience, traditions and excellent reputation in the field of organized tourism. We are a team of graduated economists, licensed tour and mountain guides, artists, wine-experts, journalists and sportspeople. We all take part in the planning and implementation of the tours we prepare for you-our dear customers.

Why do we love Bulgaria so much and want to show it to you?

1. Everyone knows about the Greek civilization. However, very few people have heard of the Thracians and their civilization. The Thracians inhabited our lands leaving tremendous treasures and tombs on our territory. Some of the Thracian tombs are included in the UNESCO cultural heritage list and their treasures travel around the world. You have all heard the stories of Orpheus and Eurydice, Dionysius - the God of wine, Spartacus - the Gladiator, Constantine the Great - the Emperor of the Roman Empire, but few of you know that they are all Thracians. Come and see their land, their tombs and the invaluable treasures thousands of years old!

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The video "Bulgaria The Cradle of Civilization" is filmed by Nu Boyana Film Studios

2. Everyone knows about Byzantium. However, very few people have heard about Medieval Bulgaria, which in that period was the third biggest country in Europe, bordering three seas –The Black Sea, The White Sea and The Adriatic. Between Bulgaria and Byzantium there were many wars,however, there were long periods of peace, sometimes of 20 to 30 years. In these times, Byzantine princesses were married to Bulgarian kings and vice versa. When the Bulgarian Tsar visited the Byzantine ruler(called “vasilevs”), he sat on his right and talked to him without a translator. For all the others who came to visit the Byzantine ruler, the court rule required the visitor to be first bathed, then to get the right clothes, sandals and a translator so that the visit could take place. Come and dive into history!

3. Everyone in the world knows that the Cyrillic alphabet exists. However, a few are familiar with the fact that it was ordered to be invented by the Medieval Bulgarian state and then spread in Russia. Many literary centers existed in Medieval Bulgaria where books were written and distributed throughout the country. The most famous among them were the literary centers of Ohrid (today part of Macedonia) and Pliska. After the fall of the capital Veliko Turnovo under Ottoman rule, most of the books were sent to present day Russia. The first Russian patriarch Cyprian is of Bulgarian origin. He is the brother of the last Bulgarian Patriarch Evtimii. Come and hear the melody of our speech! Come and visit an Orthodox choir concert and feel the Christian faith!

Second Bulgarian Empire

The Second Bulgarian Empire under Tsar Ivan Asen ІІ

4. Everyone knows that Bulgaria was part of the Ottoman Empire. However, a few are aware that the fertile Bulgarian land and the well-developed Bulgarian livestock at that time were supplying goods for the multi-thousand Ottoman army which gave economic impetus to hundreds of Bulgarian settlements such as Koprivshtitsa, Zheravna, Plovdiv, Lovech, Tryavna and many others. In some of these towns one can still find entire neighborhoods that have preserved that spirit. Come and feel their magic, their cobbled streets and Renaissance architecture houses!

5. Everybody knows about the Russian-Turkish War of 1877-1878, but few know that the key to winning the war was the Battle of Shipka. Shipka is a mountainous passage, which was entrusted to the Bulgarian volunteers participating in the war. No general had assumed that the Ottoman army would head over to the Balkan Mountain through that passage because it is steep and difficult to reach. However, Suleyman Pasha understood that volunteers would guard the passage and he thought he would be able to pass it unhindered while the Russian army was concentrating on the other passages. The Ottoman army consisted of 30,000 professional soldiers with modern weapons while the Bulgarian volunteers with a small part of the Russian army were no more than 7,000. Imagine the 4 to 1 ratio. Imagine a professional army against ordinary people. Yet, after several daily attacks, Suleyman Pasha lost the battle and was sued in Turkey after the war. Come and see this peak! Come and fly over all the peaks and mountains and you will remain breathless! With a balloon, a paraglider or an airplane!

6. Everybody knows about Hitler's concentration death camps, where thousands of Jews met their death. However, a few are aware of the fact that a large part of the Bulgarian Jews were saved thanks to the Bulgarian people, the Bulgarian Patriarch and politicians. Imagine, our country was an ally of Germany at that time, and yet it managed to find a way to stop the deportation of thousands of Jews. Come and see the largest Spanish-Jewish synagogue in Europe! Come and see how within a few hundred square meters one can find a synagogue, a mosque and an Orthodox church. Feel the spirit of tolerance!

7. Everyone knows that the French cosmetics industry is one of the world's leading in the field, but a few know that one of its main raw materials is the Bulgarian rose which grows in the Rose Valley of Bulgaria- a valley of specific microclimate situated between two mountains. Come and enjoy this fragrance!

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Rose Valley

The Rose Valley

8. Everyone knows about the Bulgarian yoghurt, which is produced by a bacteria typical only of this region of the world. The Bulgarian yoghurt has been produced in Japan for years and has also recently become a favorite drink in China. That is thanks to the scientific progress in the cultivation of this bacteria. Come and try our food, delicacies and wine. Get involved in wine degustations and the tasting of traditional Bulgarian food!

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9. You all know that Bulgaria is now presented as the poorest country in the European Union, but a small part of you know about its rich natural resources-we have mountains, lowlands, valleys, sea, birds, butterflies, bears, vultures and orchids. Come and join our hiking tours or horse rides and convince yourself how rich we are indeed!

10. You all know about the beauty of opera voices, but a few know about the beauty of the mystery of Bulgarian voices and folklore - of its unequal rythms, angel-voiced singers and slender folk dancers. Come and feel this rhythm and dance with us!

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We are looking forward to welcoming you in Bulgaria!