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Fun Flight Tours by plane over Vitosha mountain and Kopitoto

Route: Panoramic flight tour of Vitosha mountain - Airport near Sofia - Lozen - Pancharevo - South Vitosha - Kopitoto - Vladaya - Dragichevo - Studena Dam - Iskar Dam - Airport near Sofia Our flight will start off with a panoramic flight tour over Vitosha mountain. Vitosha is a dome-shaped mountain with highest peak Cherni…
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Fun Flight Tours by plane over Etropole – Teteven and Koprivshtitsa

Route: Panoramic flight tour - Airport near Sofia - Etropole - Teteven - Ribaritsa - Koprivshtitsa - Airport near Sofia During this flight we will enjoy viewing some iconic and beautiful locations. First of all we we will see Etropole, a town with more than 2500 years of history. The town of Teteven will be seen right before the village…
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