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Nestinarstvo (Fire Dancing) – Cultural Heritage

Nestinarstvo (Greek: Αναστενάρια) is an ancient Bulgarian and Greek rite in which people dance barefoot on glowing embers (live coals).

By tradition, nestinari (fire dancers) dance in the night of the feast day of Saints Constantine and Helena (3 and 4 June, according to the old style). At the beginning of the...

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Martenitsa – Cultural Heritage

On March 1 Bulgarians decorate their clothes with small red and white ornaments called “martenitsi", after the Bulgarian name of the month of March (mart).

“Martenitsi" are made of red and white woven woollen, silk or cotton yarn. These are made into tassels, ringlets, pellets, squares or human and animal figures. Often...

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The Aleksandrovo Tomb

The following cultural - historic site is not included in the UNESCO List. However, the authors of this webpage consider it equal in importance to the above mentioned sites and hope that it will also be valued and included in the UNESCO List.

The Aleksandrovo Tomb was discovered in 2000,...

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