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Lifestyles and cultures in what is now Bulgaria have developed over thousands of years. The country is located at the crossroad between Europe and Asia, and the lands of Bulgaria have been populated since antiquity. The Slavs and proto-Bulgarians were greatly influenced by the cultures of the Thracians, Illyrians and Greeks, and all...

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New Year, Vasilyov’s day or Surva

"Saint Vasilii" helps against magic, evil eyes, evil spirits and mental diseases. He purifies the thoughts and the sinful desires and gives hope in moments of despair. People make a banitza with fortune slips. It is placed on the table and is turned three times from the mother or the father....

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Bogoyavlenie, Jordanov’s day

People with the names of Jordan, Bogdan, Bozhidar and Bogomil celebrate their name's day on this date.

Jordanov's Day is one of the biggest Christian holidays. On this day Joan the Baptist baptized the God's Son in the Jordan River. The rituals are related to this main symbolism-...

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Saint martyr Trifon Zarezan – 1st February

Trifon Zarezan is the patron of the vine-growers, gardeners and tavern-keepers. The holiday descends from the Thracian celebrations and rituals -the Dionysius's spring celebrations.

For the holiday is kneaded a ritual bread decorated with heavy grapes of dough. The host of the house sets off for the vine...

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