Mobile Communication


Mobile Phones

Landlines are available almost everywhere, via the PSTN (operated by Vivacom).
Mobile phones are widespread in Bulgaria - many people have two or three phones. You can buy prepaid cards in almost every shop. There are three networks, all using the GSM/3G standards (Mtel, Telenor and Vivacom). A fourth carrier, Max Telecom, has a 4G network and offers data-only plans, but with a smartphone you can also receive and make phone calls with their VOIP app.

Internet Access

Internet is fast, cheap and widely available in Bulgaria. Broadband Internet is available through cable, ADSL, fiber optics and Ethernet connections. Prices start at around 15 leva for 10 Mbps.

Free WiFi is very widely available in big cities - in public areas such as cafes, parks, hotels and restaurants. When Bulgarians sit down for a cup of coffee, the first thing they usually do is ask for the password. Some gas stations (such as Lukoil) also offer WiFi, and there is an unsecured WiFi connection at Sofia Airport.

All mobile carriers (Mtel, Telenor, Vivacom, and Max) offer prepaid data plans at comparable rates. 4G speeds are offered by Telenor and Max in some large cities and Black Sea resorts. The other carriers are launching their own 4G networks in the next few months. 3G is available in virtually all urban areas, EDGE in the rest of the country. There is signal in all inhabited areas and on the major roads.

Internet cafes are available in most towns and cities, and in some villages. Computers are usually not available in library.