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Performances of the Sofia Opera and Ballet – Opera of the Peaks

The Belogradchik Rocks, with their amazing beauty, are globaly recognized as a miracle of nature. On the way to them one passes through the ancient Belogradchik Fortress built at the time of the Roman Empire, witness of the courage and striving for freedom of the Bulgarians from North-western Bulgaria. Bulgaria today, a member of the…
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Performances of the Bulgarian Orthodox Choir

Choir of 5 artists - men and women Begins at: 19.00 h. The days of the performance are on request! Price: Price: VIP group - 850 euro - On request Price for groups of 10 people - 85 euro per person Price for groups of 15 people - 57 euro per person Price for groups of 20 people -…
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Performances of the Bistritsa Babi (Grannies from the village of Bistritsa)

The “Bistritsa Grannies” is an amateur group for authentic folklore from the Shopski Folklore Region. The group was established in the Community Centre of the Bistritsa village (15km from Sofia) some 60 years ago. The group has a variable number of members of different ages. The women who take part in the group have different…
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