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In 863 the Bulgarian King Boris l proclaimed Christianity the state religion of Bulgaria. This is the birthday of the Bulgarian icon, which is part of the religious Christian visual art. Just a few ceramic icons have survived from the 9th-10thc, founded in excavations in the old capital Preslav town. A large number of icons…
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Forged copper

Coppery is an ancient trade on Bulgarian soil, carried on ever since the days of the ancient Thracian's and the Roman colonists. Due to the existence of ore mining in our land, this trade was highly developed in the time of the First and Second Bulgarian Kingdom. In the Middle Ages, coppery was also constantly…
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Textiles and Knitting

The most universal application of the larges textiles goes to the rug which is widespread throughout the country. It’s decoration consists of groups of multicolored streaks arranged in strict symmetry as regard to width and color. Goat-hair rugs and covers, woven of goat-hair wool are in one color or in multi-coloured stripes. Tufted textiles (kitenitsi,…
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One of the oldest preserved monuments of woodcarving date from the time of the Second Bulgarian Kingdom (13-14th century). There are two main types of woodcarving - the deep iconostasis woodcarving and the shallow pastoral woodcarving. In Bulgaria are famous different art schools with specific techniques and styles in the treatment of wood: decoration of…
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