Sinemorets is a village in the far southeastern part of the Bulgarian Black Sea coast, close to the Turkish border. The village is right on the sea, next to the picturesque Veleka River. The seaside resort Ahtopol is 6 km north of Sinemorets, and Rezovo is 11 km to the south.
Sinemorets is an attractive vacation destination, thanks to its pristine natural beauty and excellent beaches. It is very close to the Strandzha Nature Reserve, a cool retreat on hot summer days with many trails leading to natural and historical points of interest.
The village has two beaches – The Bytamyata Beach and the beach at the mouth of the Veleka River. Also, a short distance away is one Bulgaria’s most scenic beaches, Silistar.
For those who like water sports, there are rides on a “banana boat” (a large, banana-shaped float pulled by a speed boat), and jet skis for rent. For those who prefer nature excursion, there are horses and ponies for rent or boat trips up the Veleka. There are a number of trails leading to interesting places in the Strandzha reserve, both for hikers and bicyclists.
The villages in the Strandzha that are in the vicinity of Sinemorets have retained their centuries-old traditions, which they are proud to share with visitors. One such tradition that is famous throughout the world is the Nestinarka – a ritual dance performed on live coals that takes place on May 21, on the annual celebration in honor of Saints Constantine and Elena. There are also Nestinarka fire dances during the summer arranged for tourists. The Strandzha villages Gramatikovo, Kosti, Bulgari, and Mladezhko have developed into attractive destinations for village tourism.
The Veleka River is well-stocked and attracts many interested in fishing its waters. At the river’s mouth, it is possible to catch both freshwater and saltwater fish, since fish from the Black Sea venture up the river in search of food.
Though the village is small, Sinemorets offers a variety of accommodations – luxury complexes, hotels, and guesthouses. The village’s eating establishments serve both seafood and Bulgarian national cuisine.

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