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Natural park Persina

Persina Natural Park is situated along the whole length of Svishtovsko-Belenska lowland. Persina includes all Bulgarian Danubian islands in that part of the river. The natural park was established in 2000 and has an area of 21,762.20 hectares on the land of Dragish Voyvoda village, Nikopol municipality, Pleven region, Oresh village, Svishtov municipality, Veliko Tarnovo…
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Natural park Central Balkan

The Central Balkan is a national park situated in part of Zlatishko-Teteven ridge and Troyan-Kalofer ridge of Stara planina. The park was declared protected territory on 31st October 1991 and its area is 73,261.80 hectares with altitude from 550 to 2,376 m (peak Botev). There are nine reserves situated on its territory: Boatin, Tsarichina, Kozya…
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Natural park Bulgarka

Bulgarka Natural Park is the youngest in Bulgaria. It is situated in area of 21,772.20 hectares in the Northern slopes of the Central part of Stara planina with location town of Gabrovo, the town of Plachkovtsi, Radevtzi village, Stanchov Han village, Tryavna municipality and Charkovo village, Gabrovo municipality, Gabrovo region. The lay of Bulgarka Natural…
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