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The authors of these pages have divided the protected territories into two main groups. In the first group fall less protected natural sites, classified as natural landmarks and protected sites according to the legislation of the Republic of Bulgaria. The second group includes natural sites for which the state uses stricter...

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Vidin district – Nature

Magurata is one of the biggest caves in Bulgaria. It is situated in the south slope of the Rabisha hill, Western Fore-Balkan. The cave is formed in limestone from the Cretaceous period. There are archaeological remnants in the Magurata cave from early Bronze epoch, early Iron...

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Vratza district – Nature

Ponora is a water cave in the region of Chiren village, Vratza municipality, Vratza region. It is included in the list of natural landmarks in 1962 on an area of 17.20 hectares.

Novata cave is a natural landmark declared in 1962 on an area of 50 hectares in Lyutibrod village, Mezdra municipality,...

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Montana district – Nature

Mramornata Cave (The Marble Cave) is anatural landmark declared in 1971 on an area of 16.30 hectares. The Marble cave is situated in the vicinity of the town of Berkovitza, Montana region.

Mishin Kamak cave wasdeclared natural landmark in 1962 in the vicinity of Gorna Luka village, Chiprovtzi municipality, Montana region. The...

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