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Natural park Central Balkan • Tour4Fun

Natural park Central Balkan

The Central Balkan is a national park situated in part of Zlatishko-Teteven ridge and Troyan-Kalofer ridge of Stara planina. The park was declared protected territory on 31st October 1991 and its area is 73,261.80 hectares with altitude from 550 to 2,376 m (peak Botev). There are nine reserves situated on its territory: Boatin, Tsarichina, Kozya Stena, Steneto, Stara Reka, Dzhendema, Northern Dzhendem, Sokolna and Peeshti Skali. The largest massif of century old natural forests and protected territory from European oak is also situated here. There are forests of fir-tree, spruce, white fur, natural and water yoke-elm, black pine-tree, etc. There is a defoliated zone of 27,650 hectares where sub-alpine bushes prevail - from Arctic juniper, blackberries, alpine and sub-alpine meadows to rock massifs and faces, canyons, waterfalls, caves, abysses.

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There are 1,850 plants in the reserve and 90 of them are rare and endangered species. The park is rich to endemic species also. 208 vertebrates live in the Central Balkan Park. The park is of world importance for the preservation of the biological diversity. The territory of the national park is situated in four administrative areas: Sofia, Plovdiv, Stara Zagora and Lovech.

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Boatin Reserve was declared protected territory in 1948 on a small area which was later enlarged. It comprises an area of 1,597.20 hectares. There are century old natural beech-tree forests on its territory and some of the trees reach 50 meters in height. The higher plants are represented by 550 species. The reserve is inhabited by bears, wolves, martens, owls, Eurasian tawny owls, spotted owlets. Boatin Reserve is situated on the land of Cherni Vit village, Teteven municipality, Lovech region.

Steneto Reserve was established in 1962. It was enlarged and listed in higher category in 1979. It comprises an area of 3,575.80 hectares on the land of Cherni Osam village, Troyan municipality, Lovech region. There are beech and spruce forests, great number of endemic, rare and endangered species. The reserve is inhabited by bears, wolves, wild cats, martens, otters, red deer, Balkan wild goats, snow vole(Chionomys nivalis) and bats. There are 90 kinds of nesting birds in the Steneto Reserve. Some of them are: golden and imperial eagles, hunting falcons, rock partridges, woodpeckers. Steneto was proclaimed for biosphere reserve.

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Tzarichina Reserve has an area of 3,418.70 hectares. It was declared protected territory in 1949 when it had 10 hectares. The reserve was enlarged many times from 1973 till 1992. Tzarichina was proclaimed for biosphere reserve. There are a lot of beech-tree, fir-tree, spruce, white fur forests, alpine meadows, avalanche gullys in the Northern slopes of peak Vezhen, rock massif.

There is reach variety of flora in the reserve with a large number of endemic and rare species. There are 80 kinds of nesting birds in Tzarichina Reserve. Some of the reptiles one could see are: grass-snake, viper, lizard (Lacerta vivipara). The reserve is situated in the village of Ribaritza, Teteven municipality, Lovech region.

Dzhendem Reserve

Dzhendem Reserve

Northern Dzhendem Reserve was established in 1983 and its area is 1,610 hectares in the region of the town of Apriltsi, Lovech region. It aims to preserve the sub-alpine rock massifs and endemic rare and endangered species and unique geomorphologic and hydrologic objects. There is a deposit of Alpine Rose.

Peeshti Skali Rezerve (Singing Mountains) was established in 1979 and has an area of 1,465.70 hectares in the area of Karvenik village, Sevlievo municipality, Gabrovo region. Its aim is to preserve the ancient old primary virgin beech forests.

Kozya Stena Reserve is situated in the village of Chiflik, Troyan municipality, Lovech region in area of 904.30 hectares. Kozya Stena is included in the list of protected natural reserves in 1987 aiming to preserve the natural beech forests and beech and fir-tree formations.

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