Bulgarka Natural Park is the youngest in Bulgaria. It is situated in area of 21,772.20 hectares in the Northern slopes of the Central part of Stara planina with location town of Gabrovo, the town of Plachkovtsi, Radevtzi village, Stanchov Han village, Tryavna municipality and Charkovo village, Gabrovo municipality, Gabrovo region. The lay of Bulgarka Natural Park is quite various: real mountains, river valleys, hills, aligned areas. The aim is preservation, restoration of beech ecosystems and landscapes in Gabrovo and Teteven ridge of Stara planina.

The unique for south Eastern Europe Etura park museum, situated at the open space, is also part of Bulgarka Natural Park.

Shipka historic complex where one of the most decisive battles were fought during the Russian-Turkish War (1877-1878), is again situated in the boarders of the park.

Byala Krava Reserve (White Cow Reserve) was established in 1968 on an area of 91 hectares and situated in Kostel village, Elena municipality, Veliko Tarnovo region. The aim of the reserve is to preserve the ancient old beech forest, the flora and fauna and the cavern water.

Natural Park Bulgarka

Natural Park Bulgarka

Savchov Chair Reserve is situatedin the areaof Kladni Dyal village, Veliko Tarnovo municipality, Veliko Tarnovo region. Its aim is to preserve the ancient old beech forest from natural origin where there is also hornbeam, sycamore, merry, osier, winter oak-tree, cornel-tree, dog rose, etc. Savchov Chair was declared protected territory in 1968 on an area of 102.30 hectares.

Haydushki Chukar Reserve was established in 1968 and listed in higher category in 1999. It is situated in the village of Buynovtsi, Elena municipality, Veliko Tarnovo region. The aim was preservation of over 180 years of age beech forest where there is also sycamore, spruce, pine-tree, acer platanoides, winter oak-tree. The protected territory of the reserve is 33.90 hectares.

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