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Handmade Knives

The arms manufacture has centuries-old traditions on our soil. The Medieval Bulgarian Kingdom maintained an enormous army, equipped with arms of the best quality. The establishment of Ottoman rule caused changes in some types of weapons. The Turkish army began using hand firearms in the 16th century.

The manufacture of any weapon,...

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Silver Jewellery

The artistic treatment of metals reaches perfection in goldsmith's trade. The preserved works of Thracian goldsmith's trade have the characteristic features of high artistic and technological workmanship. The Slavs brought to our land their tradition in the treatment of silver, copper and bronze- The Proto-Bulgarian goldsmith's trade bore the polychromy, as well as some...

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The embroidery is part of traditional Bulgarian costume decoration. The traditional ornaments are unique with the plenty of patterns, stitches and wealth of colors. The floral patterns are predominant – stylized flowers (rose, tulip, carnation), wheat, also the ancient pattern of the tree of life. Much more rarely met are patterns representing animal...

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Pottery is perhaps the oldest Bulgarian craft. In Antiquity the work of potters was perceived as a kind of activity for bringing life to the rough material, thus depriving it of evil influences. Some ceramics are undecorated and without glaze. Others, however, are genuine works of art: pitchers, dishes, and bowls. Their...

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