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Forged copper

Coppery is an ancient trade on Bulgarian soil, carried on ever since the days of the ancient Thracian's and the Roman colonists. Due to the existence of ore mining in our land, this trade was highly developed in the time of the First and Second Bulgarian Kingdom. In the Middle Ages, coppery was also constantly present in the monetary system. During the 17th century, coppery was a well-developed trade and copper works were estimated, as works of high artistic quality.

About thirty kinds of vessels, designated mainly for domestic use, such as cauldrons, braziers, basins, copper dishes, large baking dishes, small tables, frying pans, ablution pitchers, Turkish coffee-pots, spoons were generally manufactured by the copper-smiths. Decoration is closely related with the expedience of the produced article. Several types of decoration, such as awl engraving, acid engraving, decoration with relief and flat forging, ajour decoration etc. are applied here. The decoration elements are quite multifarious - varying from the simplest lines to elaborate compositions, comprising geometric, plant and animal images. Images of birds and fish are one of the most typical ornaments.

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