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Textiles and Knitting

The most universal application of the larges textiles goes to the rug which is widespread throughout the country. It’s decoration consists of groups of multicolored streaks arranged in strict symmetry as regard to width and color. Goat-hair rugs and covers, woven of goat-hair wool are in one color or in multi-coloured stripes. Tufted textiles (kitenitsi, halishta, guberi) are woven out of yarn of tufts of wool and their colours change in according to the region. There is one kind of unwoven textile, called plust (keche) which is primitively made: a rolled layer of wool is soaked in hot water and is beated with a cudgel until it turns mat and compact.

The art of manufacture of carpets has been brought in the Bulgarian lands from the East, with the typical Anatolian and Caucasian ornaments. During the Bulgarian Revival it turned into a rapidly developing craft with a broad market in the lands of the Turkish Empire. The carpets are woven in smooth (double-faced) technique. The ornamentation, composition and variety of the motifs (tree with birds, stylized human figures playing the Bulgarian dance horo) are in contrast with the sober geometrical patterns of the rugs.

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Bulgarian knitted socks

Bulgarian knitted socks

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