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One of the oldest preserved monuments of woodcarving date from the time of the Second Bulgarian Kingdom (13-14th century). There are two main types of woodcarving - the deep iconostasis woodcarving and the shallow pastoral woodcarving.

In Bulgaria are famous different art schools with specific techniques and styles in the treatment of wood: decoration of the ecclesiastical buildings and decoration of the home and household belongings, both types of decoration being executed in low relief; plant motives comprise the main part of the woodcarving ornamentation, which is later enriched, with the introduction of motifs from the animal world and human images; appearance of images like griffins, dragons and other mythological creatures;

The emergence of pastoral woodcarving is related to sheep breeding - one of the basic means of living for the Bulgarians. The shepherds made small, associated with their way of life wooden objects and decorated them with shallow woodcarving of artistic value. These objects are quite diverse in shape, designation and decoration - spoons, distaffs, cups, shepherd's crooks, salterns, cowlstaffand little chairs.

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