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Bogoyavlenie, Jordanov’s day

People with the names of Jordan, Bogdan, Bozhidar and Bogomil celebrate their name's day on this date.

Jordanov's Day is one of the biggest Christian holidays. On this day Joan the Baptist baptized the God's Son in the Jordan River. The rituals are related to this main symbolism- the sanctifying of the cross, the water and the whole world. God's revelation is a combination of two words - God and revelation in the meaning of god's appearance.

After the ceremonial service in the church people go to a river or a lake with a ceremonial procession. There the priest throws the cross in the river. An odd number of young men jump in the river to take the cross out. It is believed that the one who takes out the cross will be very happy and healthy throughout the year. He goes round with the relic and collects gifts. The cross can be bought by bidding. People take icons to the river or the lake where the cross is thrown so that they can be also sanctified in the holy water. Some people sprinkle water over themselves, the people who celebrate their name's day even pour water on themselves for health. The Bulgarian tradition has it that on this day it is good to baptize children. Baptizing is a big family holiday. The god parents are of special respect because of the spiritual meaning of the baptizing. Bathing infants is also a symbolic ritual on this day.

Water is a symbol of life. It is an eternal element. The Bulgarian people believe that it purifies and chases away each evil, cures bad diseases, foretells and forecasts. Its power is so big that people believe that the "live water can make a dead man alive".

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