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Todor’s day or Horse’s Easter

People with the names of Todor, Teodor, Totyo, Toshko and Dora celebrate their name's day on this day.

According to the Bulgarian tradition Saint Todor is the patron of the horse. The horse has been worshiped by the people of these lands since ancient times. It is the...

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Sirnitza, Forgiveness or Passion week

The date of the holiday is changing according to the day when Easter is celebrated in the Orthodox religious calendar. These changing holidays are determined by the movement of the moon.

Forgiveness is one of the biggest Christian holidays. Forgiveness has been a symbol of the human moral...

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Baba Marta – 1st March

In astronomical aspect with the setting in of the spring equilibrium nature is born for a new life. In the Bulgarian festive calendar there are three significant holidays during March: 1st March, 9th March- Mladentzi and 25th March - Blagoveshtenie. In the folk conceptions of...

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Saint Lazar

The holiday has a changing date - the last Saturday before the Palm Sunday. According to the Bulgarian folk calendar Lazar's Day is the holiday of the fields, meadows and the forests. It is also the holiday of the girls who after this day gain a new social status....

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