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Enyov’s day

People with the names of Enyo, Yana and Yanko celebrate their name's day on this day.

This is also the birth date of Saint Joan or Saint Ivan - 24th June. The coincidence of the holiday with the longest day of the year is connected to...

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Christmas Eve – 24th December

Christmas Eve is the night before Jesus Christ is born. The table on Christmas Eve represents a magic for fertility and luck. The food on the table consists of dishes with rising food to pray for growing luck and fertility. The dishes are odd number - 7, 9 or 11. The...

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Christmas Day – 25th December

The carol singers are the first who go round to tell the good news about the miracle called Jesus' Birth. They go round in groups and bless each home. They choose a king - a young man, who knows the carols and has an artistic soul, generous hand and good heart....

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