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Yambol district – Nature

Ivan Gyol is a natural deposit of swamp snowdrop situated in town of Yambol, Yambol region. Ivan Gyol was declared protected territory in 1970 on a territory of 30 hectares. Dranchi Dupka is a cave in the region of Melnitsa village, Elhovo municipality, Yambol region. The cave was included in the list of natural landmarks…
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Sliven district – Nature

Karandila is a mountain resort in Sinite Kamani Natural Park. It is situated among cool forests and sunny meadows at a height of 1,050m. Karandila is situated at 32km northeast of town of Sliven. Kushbunar is a century old beech forest (over 400 years old) not far from town of Sliven, Sliven region. It was…
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Bourgas district – Nature

Koriyata is a century old elm-tree forest in the region of Galabetz village, Pomorie municipality, Bourgas region.It was declared protected territory in 1966 on an area of 20 hectares. The state game breeding station in Nessebar is taking care for preservation of the region. Kalkata is a protected territory aiming to preserve the nesting place…
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