Fun Flight Tours by plane over the Seven Rila Lakes and Rila Monastery

sedemte rilksi ezera

Lesnovo Airport - Iskar Dam - Seven Rila Lakes - Rila Monastery - Musala Peak - Borovets resort - Iskar Dam - Lesnovo Airport

At the time of this flight, we will first pass over the Iskar Dam, which is the largest dam in Bulgaria. It is situated on the Iskar River and provides 2/3 of the water for the capital Sofia, also being used for producing hydroelectricity. We will fly over the famous Seven Rila lakes. They are located in the Rila mountain, which is the highest mountain on the Balkan peninsula. The Rila Monastery is situated in the western part of Rila Mountain at a height of 1 147 m. The monastery was named after the beautiful mountain. In close  proximity is situated Musala peak - the highest peak of the mountain (2 925 m.). Last, but not least, we will be flying over the Borovets mountain resort. Borovets is a high-mountains resort located among centuries-old forests in Eastern Rila Mountain. Borovets, known as Chamkoria until the mid 20th century, is the first mountain resort of its kind, in Bulgaria and on the entire Balkan range. With that, our trip comes to an end, taking one last look at the Iskar Dam before heading back to the Lesnovo airport.

Advanced booking required

Transfer from Sofia city center to Lesnovo airport: 1:30 h.
Flight duration:
1h 30 min.

Price per tourist for a 1h 30 min. flight
Price for 1 tourist - 613 euro
Price for 2 tourists - 306 euro
Price for 3 tourists - 204 euro

Transfer: 30 min.

Price includes:

- Pick up from your hotel in Sofia, transfer to Lesnovo airport and back
- Flight itself

In case of unexpected change in the flight or weather conditions, the flight program may change for the safety of the tourists.

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The Rila lakes




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