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Martenitsa – Cultural Heritage

On March 1 Bulgarians decorate their clothes with small red and white ornaments called “martenitsi", after the Bulgarian name of the month of March (mart).

“Martenitsi" are made of red and white woven woollen, silk or cotton yarn. These are made into tassels, ringlets, pellets, squares or human and animal figures. Often...

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The Bulgarian Rose – base of the world perfumery

The rose is a symbol and emblem of the Bulgarian lands. The Bulgarian rose oil is the best in the world, and has no rivals. The Bulgarian rose oil is the first made in Bulgaria product undeniable placed number one, and it has already been for a hundred years. Our rose oil won...

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Short History

"In the history of civilizations as in the history of mankind, childhood is the decisive factor" - Jacques Le Golf  - a French historian

The territory of Bulgaria has been inhabited since antiquity, as the country’s many ancient settlements and burial mounds attest. Present-day Bulgaria was a cradle of some of the...

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Bulgarian Folklore

The Bulgarian national costume is an intrinsic part of Bulgarian lifestyle and culture. Over the ages, folk costume designs have been influenced by Thracian, Slavonic and ancient Bulgarian motives. The basic article of clothing is a white shirt with long sleeves, worn under vests and coats of various shapes, materials and decorations. There...

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