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Bulgaria adopted Christianity in 864 and it immediately became binding for all subjects of the Bulgarian ruler. The new religion swept into Bulgaria from the neighboring Byzantium bringing the whole of its traditional organization and structures. The monastery was one of them. The first ever reliable records testifying to the existence of a...

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In 863 the Bulgarian King Boris l proclaimed Christianity the state religion of Bulgaria. This is the birthday of the Bulgarian icon, which is part of the religious Christian visual art. Just a few ceramic icons have survived from the 9th-10thc, founded in excavations in the old capital Preslav town. A large number...

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The embroidery is part of traditional Bulgarian costume decoration. The traditional ornaments are unique with the plenty of patterns, stitches and wealth of colors. The floral patterns are predominant – stylized flowers (rose, tulip, carnation), wheat, also the ancient pattern of the tree of life. Much more rarely met are patterns representing animal...

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Nestinarstvo (Fire Dancing) – Cultural Heritage

Nestinarstvo (Greek: Αναστενάρια) is an ancient Bulgarian and Greek rite in which people dance barefoot on glowing embers (live coals).

By tradition, nestinari (fire dancers) dance in the night of the feast day of Saints Constantine and Helena (3 and 4 June, according to the old style). At the beginning of the...

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