The embroidery is part of traditional Bulgarian costume decoration. The traditional ornaments are unique with the plenty of patterns, stitches and wealth of colors. The floral patterns are predominant – stylized flowers (rose, tulip, carnation), wheat, also the ancient pattern of the tree of life. Much more rarely met are patterns representing animal figures (chickens, horses) and human figures can be sometimes seen (“horo”, “kukeri”). Along with the floral, animals and human patterns can be found geometrical ones too (triangles, tetragons, rhombs), as well as the magic and invocatory ensigns (crosses, swastika, star). One of the most valuable qualities of Bulgarian national embroidery is its coloring, built on numerous color combinations: red, green, blue, brown and black. The Bulgarian woman has used more than 100 types of stitches depending on the pattern and textile. The main types of stitches are: straight, slanting and cross.

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Bulgarian embroidery

Bulgarian embroidery

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