The authors of these pages have divided the protected territories into two main groups. In the first group fall less protected natural sites, classified as natural landmarks and protected sites according to the legislation of the Republic of Bulgaria. The second group includes natural sites for which the state uses stricter measures for protection and special care - these are the natural parks and reserves. The natural landmarks and protected sites are described by districts (Pazardzhik, Plovdiv, Smolyan, Kardzhali, Haskovo and Stara Zagora) so that the readers can easily find information about them.

The natural parks and reserves are less in number and are described separately with detailed information about the biodiversity in them. On the territory of the South Central Region is located only part of the "Central Balkan" national park. The authors of this site has decided it is necessary to also give some general information about Rhodope Mountains, Sredna Gora Mountains and the Rose Valley within which there are many reserves for which there is also information about their flora and fauna.

The facts about the protected territories are taken by the Ministry of Water and Environment. You can see photos of the protected territories in the photo gallery of the site under the section "Protected territories".

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