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Shumensko plateau

Shoumenskoto Plateau is situated between the valleys of Vrana and Pakusha Rivers and the Shoumen field. Tarnov Dyal is the highest peak (502m). The structure of the plateau is from horizontal limestone, sandstone and marl. The steep slopes of the plateau in its upper part end with sharp edge. Plateau's eastern part is rich of…
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Patleyna Reserve was included in the list of protected natural territories in 1948 and in 1979 its area was increased. It was listed in higher category as well-kept reserve with a decision from 1999. Patleyna has an area of 37.80 hectares on which is situated the biggest deposit in Bulgaria of Judas tree (Cercis siliquastrum).…
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Natural park Zlatni piasatzi

Zlatni Piasatzi Natural Park is situated at 17 km North of Varna city. It was established in 2001 on an area of 1,320.70 hectares. The aim was to preserve the habitation of endangered, rare and vulnerable animals and plant species habitats and landscapes of scientific and cultural importance and meaning. There is 200-years old plane-tree…
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Natural park Rousenski Lom

Rousenski Lom Natural Park is situated between the villages of Ivanovo, Koshov, Nisovo, Tabachka, Cherven, Shtraklevo, Ivanovo municipality and the village of Pisanetz, Vetovo municipality. Rousenski Lom is a river in North Bulgaria, right tributary ot the Danube river. It is formed by the merging of Beli and Cherni Lom rivers and the river of…
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