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Natural park Central Balkan

Central Balkan is a natural park comprising part of Zlatishko-Tetevenski ridge and Troyansko-Kaloferski ridge of Stara planina. It was declared protected zone on an area of 31.10.1991. The natural park spreads on an area of 73,261.80 hectares with above the sea-level from 550 to 2,376m (Botev peak). There are 9 reserves on its...

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Dolinata na Rozite (Valley of the Roses)

Dolinata na Rozite (Valley of the Roses) is the other name of Karlovsko and Kazanlashkata valley. The valley has a prolonged form situated at west-east. The lay of the valley is from plain to hilly. The soils and the climate conditions are suitable for growing of oil-bearing roses, suitable for getting ethereal oil...

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