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Dobrudja folklore region

A specific trait of Dobrudzha region is the new instrumental style for gadulka (the Bulgarian variant of rebec), shepherd's flute, and bagpipe they have created; it can only be found there. Especially renowned are Dobrudzha dance melodies such its "raki", "sboreni", and "rachenitsa". The Dobrudzha dances feature their own style, with particular mood,...

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Shopluk folklore region

Their horo and rachenitsa dances are performed faster and more energetically compared with the ones of the other groups. The male folklore dancers tend to express this vigour through words, sounds or syllables in different moments of the dance - "Hah now", "Dzidzay, nane", "Drazh se, zemio (Come on, ground)", and more.


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Rhodopes folklore region

The horo dances of the people of the Rhodope Mountains are smooth, broad and with accentuated solid steps. Squatting and kneeling are essential part, especially as to the slow Rhodopes p ravo (straight) horo dances, and are very often accompanied by loud whoops. In the Rhodopes, they also dance accompanied with songs; either...

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Thracian folklore region

The folklore music of Thrace (the Bulgarian part of the geographical region - Translator's Note) is beautiful and expressive. The sound of their songs conveys serenity and beauty. The Thracian region features monophonic singing with richly ornate slow songs. Women sing with an open throat, loudly and naturally, but in a fairly narrow...

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