Sredna Gora is a chain of mountains of medium height. It is situated between the valleys of Iskar and Tundzha rivers, valleys in the area before Stara planina and the Gornotrakiyska nizina (lowland). Sredna Gora has an area of 5,950 sq m, it is 285 km long and 50 km wide. The highest peak is Golyam Bogdan (1,604m). From the transverse gorges of Topolnitsa and Stryama rivers Sredna Gora Mountain is divided into three parts: Ihtimanska Sredna Gora, Sashtinska Sredna Gora and Sarnena Sredna Gora. The most southern part of Sredna Gora ends with Chirpanskite heights. The highest peak of the heights is Kitka (651m). Sredna Gora is accessible and easily passable.

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