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The Rogozen treasure

The Rogozen Treasure, Vratza District has been discovered in the centre of the village of Rogozen. The treasure consists of 108 phials, 54 jugs, 2 cups and 1 scyfos. All the objects in the treasure are 165 as 131 of them have gold coating. The total weight of the treasure is 19.91 kg....

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The Rhyton from Rozovetz

The Rhyton from Rozovetz, Plovdiv District was discovered in the Southern Mound of the village of Rozovetz. It has a height of 16,3 cm and a weight of 449,50 grams. It dates back to the beginning of IV c. B. C. The rhyton has a low horn and a...

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The Gold mask from the valley of the Tracian kings

The gold mask from the Valley of the Thracian kings from the Svetitza mound is made of gold with a weight of 673 grams. It dates back to IV c. B. C.

The massif gold mask has no parallel even among the Mycenaean gold burial masks from...

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The aplications from the Marble mound

The applications from the Marble Mound, Panagyurishte, Pazardzhik District were discovered accidentally in 1903. The origin and the purpose of the silver applications found there are debatable. They are divided in two parts -shield applications and applications for a horse's ammunition. They date back to the period of VII - IV...

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