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The treasure from Panagyurishte

panagyrishte pThe treasure from Panagyurishte, Pazardzhik District, was discovered on 8th December 1949 in the yard of a ceramics factory. It consists of 9 vessels of pure gold with a total weight of 6 165,45 grams and is...

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The treasure from Lukovit

The treasure from Lukovit, Lovech District is an accidental finding from 1953 after which there are two more findings in 1955 and 1986. The whole treasure consists of 15 silver vessels, 23 applications and equipments for a horse's ammunition and over 200 silver rings, semi-spherical buttons, small applications with images of human...

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The treasure from Letnitza

The treasure from Letnitza, Lovech District was discovered by chance in 1963. It was covered with a bronze cauldron and at a distance of eight meters from it were discovered iron reins. Under the cauldron archaeologists found 19 traditional-size and about 30 smaller applications for a horse's ammunition. Eight applications represent...

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The treasure from Duvanli

The treasure from Duvanli, Plovdiv Region was discovered in 5 mounds from the big ritual complex of 29 mounds.

The amphora from the Kukov's mound of the Odrssian royal necropolis at Duvanli was made of silver with gold coating. It is 27 cm high, weighs 1 344 grams...

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