The Seven Rila Lakes in a day

Route: Rila Mountain

Advanced booking required

Departure: every day, depending on the weather conditions

Starting point: in your hotel in Sofia – our mountain guide will wait for you at the reception with „TOUR 4 FUN” sign.

Guide in English

Duration: 5 hours - with transfer - moderate walking with rest. (3 hours)

Approximate de-leveling - 400 m.

Best period: mid June-September

Price per person: EUR

Price for 1 tourist - 224 euro
Price for 2 tourists - 112 euro
Price for 3 tourists - 75 euro

The price includes:

  • English speaking mountain guide.
  • Transfer from the hotel in Sofia to Panichishte and back.

*Tourists must be wearing clothes and shoes appropriate for the season and suitable for mountain terrain.

The Seven Rila Lakes are one of the most popular and beautiful destinations in Bulgaria. While passing by all the lakes one can enjoy the magnificent breathtaking scenery, revealing the beauty of Rila Mountains. After a two-hour transfer to Panichishte you reach the lower station of the gondola lift. The tour starts from “Rilski Ezera” Hut and goes round all the seven lakes.

The tour is about 3 hours long with a de-leveling of 400m.

lseven rila lakes 2

The Seven Rila Lakes are without a doubt one of the most notable natural attractions on the Balkan Peninsula, a dream destination not to be missed. Their beauty touches the thousands of Bulgarian and international visitors who visit them.

The Seven Rila Lakes, located in the Dangskiya region of the northwestern Rila Mountains, are glacial lakes. The Salzata Lake (The Tear) has the highest position (2 535 m). It occupies an area of 0,7 hectares and a depth of 4, 5 m. "Okoto" (The Eye) is the deepest lake from the group with a depth of 37, 5 m and area of 6,8 hectares. It is oval and intense blue when the weather is good. The other lakes from the group are: "Bliznaka", "Babreka", "Trilistnikovoto ezero", "Ribnoto", "Dolnoto ezero". "Dolnoto ezero" collects the water from the other lakes which flows into the Dzherman river. They are scattered at the foot of a massive cirque that includes the peaks Suhi Chal (Dry Peak), Otovishki, and Haramiya. The lakes have been named for their shapes and qualities.
Fish live in some of the lakes – minnows and trout – but in general these high mountain lakes are an unsuitable habitat for marine life because of their frigid water temperature, fed by rain and snowmelt.

Every year on August 19, there is a large gathering of the White Brotherhood or Danovites, who congregate to celebrate their New Year. The celebration takes place near Kidney Lake and consists of ritual rhythmic unison dancing in a large circle. For the Danovites, the Rila Mountains are a holy place where thousands of devotees gather every year to greet the dawn.

the "Kidney" lake in Rila mountain

the "Kidney" lake in Rila mountain

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