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The Valchitrun’s treasure

The Valchitrun's treasure, Pleven District was discovered in 1924 during agricultural activities. Part of the discovered objects were cut so they could be shared among the people who found them, another part of them disappeared. In the history museum in Sofia now can be seen only 13 vessels with a common weight of 12 425 grams. The treasure dates back to IX-VIII c. B.C.

The treasure consists of a huge scales-shaped vessel, a three-section vessel, one big and three smaller cups with one handle, two big and 5 smaller discuses.

The big scales-shaped vessel has two handles. It is 22, 40 cm high and weighs 495 grams. The vessel is made of two parts, soldered with silver. The two canalled handles come from the mouth and are nailed with gold nails.

The giant lid has a diameter of 37 cm and a weight of 1 775 grams. Its façade is covered with geometrical spiral-shaped ornaments in the "nielo" technique with connected silver bands with a rim of dots. The internal side of the handle is coated with a bronze pad lying over a massive bronze ring with a cross in the middle.

The big and the three small cups are from the kiatos type. The big cup is 12,3 cm high with a weight of 919 grams. One of the small cups is 8,9 cm high and weighs 132 grams, and the other two are of 8,2 cm height and 130 grams weight.

The three-section vessel is 23,9 cm long, 5,3 cm high and a weight of 1 190 grams. It consists of leaf-shaped pools interconnected by slightly curved tubes of white gold.

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