We’ve All Heard About Alexander The Great But What Do We Know About His Wife Roxana?

Roxana is the queen of Balkhara or Bactria. Ancient chroniclers claim that Balkhara  was rich in wheat, copper, iron, and its women were showered with silver and gold. The chronicler and geographer Starobon named the capital-the pearl of Asia. We have no evidence when this country was created, but there are indications that Ramses II was trying to conquer it.

The riches of Balkhara seduced Ramses II and in 1275 BC, he set out with a huge army to conquer it, but he ended up defeated at the foothills of of Pamir Mountain. In the middle of Ramses II s   march to Balhara, the Jews led by Moses organized an escape from Egypt. It is obvious that directly or indirectly  we are karmically doomed to help this people , directly or indirectly.

In 329 BC, Alexander the Great stood at the gates of Balkh. There is no fight. He meets Roxanne. She is the first wife of Alexander the Great and she is also a Bulgarian. She must have been very beautiful and clever to impress -the ruler of the world.

In 323 BC, Roxana gave birth to a son,Alexander IV the Great. The only legal successor . Balkhara survived  until 230 years before  the year of our Lord then it was conquered by Ardashir I, king of Persia.

Tens of years before Balhara was defeated by Persia the old king Kardam passed it on to his son.  He then left the old Balkhara with a part of population and settled in northern India, where  founded the IV Bulgarian State again under the name Balkhara.

Balkhara has survived for several centuries.As a heritage of this period, we and the Indians have common words like:to study,to read, dad,picturesque , scarf, sandal, dad, wake, face, ring, soup, soybean and many more.

To this day, Indians call modern Bulgaria-Balkhar -(Балхар).

Thank God there are  other ancient sources-Armenian, Persian, Chinese, Indian - so we manage to learn surprising facts about our history.

Bulgarians have several countries in Asia.

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