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What Happens To The Bulgarians From Balкhara?

Аfter the  Balkhara's pogrom by Ardashir I - king of Persia,  Bulgarians left the territory of Pamir heading north. Some of them reach the present-day city of Samarkand and form the fifth Bulgarian state which existed until the 7th century AD. The big lake that defined their boundary to the east was called Balkhash. Other Bulgarians head...
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Do You Know Who Balkis Was?

Balkis is a queen mentioned in the Bible. In 1001 BC  Balkis was the woman giving  King Solomon riddles to solve . She is the  queen of Balharris, and Balharrisis the III Bulgarian state on the territory of Asia to the River Euphrates (Mesopotamia). Later, these Bulgarians headed west and settled in Egypt`s Sakar region, then...
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Best places for rafting in Bulgaria

One of the most popular extreme sports is rafting. The main areas in Bulgaria where it is practiced are the Iskar and Kresna Gorge. Both rafting destinations are suitable for both advanced sport players and for beginners, who try to overcome the high water rapids of the Bulgarian rivers for the first time. The country has many clubs...
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11 Cool Places in Bulgaria You Really Must Visit – Part II

Varna Archaeological Museum

The Varna Archaeological Museum offers an educational experience for those who want to learn how Bulgaria has evolved over the ages. The establishment is well-curated and features exhibits that cover the Thracian tombs dating to 5th millennium BC. A variety of gold jewelry and artifacts are also on display, which allows visitors to...
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