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Do you know who Pepe Bulgaro is?

Bulgaro is a descendant of Samuel's state Bulgarians and the founder of the Civil Law faculty.

The chapel ‘S.Maria dei Bulgari’ ,still in existence today is built on the grounds of a territory that used to be owned by the faculty.

Pepe Bulgaro moved people's hearts with his inspirational words.  In some time  people renamed the the ‘Golden mouth ‘ auditory in his honor. The auditory's name is ‘Stabat Mater' now. This is the case because one Italian composer – Gaetano Donizetti performed the “Stabat Mater" Christian hymn by Gioachino Rossini there.

The only remaining institution inherited from the past is termed -University. Traditionally,universities were closely associated with the church.

Thanks to Pepe Bulgaro, the University of Bologna is the only  off-base university. He had a job in the so-called ‘ Legal department' . Today the department has about 10,000 foreeign students.

Pepe Bulgaro has always strongly protected citizen's rights . In a speech delivered by the ‘Golden mouth' he declared:

‘’ Emperor, you may be on top of the world,but you are not the master of the  private property.” Fredrick Barbarossa was really impressed with him so he gave him a land as a present. The 11th century hospice church ‘Capella di Santa Maria dei Bulgari' (The chapel S.Maria dei Bulgari) ,is claimed to have been built on its territory. The public plaza in front of it has long been known as “Piazza del Bulgari".

Dante is a descendant of the ancient lines Alighieri, Verdi and Borgias family, while Paganini is a descendant of khan Pagan-a ruler of Bulgaria between 767-768.

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