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Performances of Philip Kutev • Tour4Fun

Performances of Philip Kutev

The first Bulgarian folklore ensemble. Named after the iconic composer of the 20th century, National Folklore Ensemble "Philip Kutev" has traveled around the world, spreading the unique sound of Bulgarian national songs, dances and music and entertains millions of people. Today "Philip Kutev" takes it to the next level - combining the vintage, classic sound of Bulgarian folklore and mixing it with modern popular music trends and a very intensive presence in the social media and internet, this ensemble offers what is not often seen in this industry - a real proof that something created so long ago, like good Bulgarian folklore music, can sound modern and appealing even to the youngest.

The days and times of the performance are on request!

Price: VIP group - 2700 euro - On request   (up to 9 people)
Price for groups of 10 people - 280 euro per person
Price for groups of 15 people - 190 euro per person
Price for groups of 20 people - 145 euro per person
Price for groups of 25 people - 120 euro per person

Price includes:

  • Welcome with bread, salt and honey;
  • Performances of members of the National Folklore Ensemble "Philip Kutev" with minimum 10 artists;
  • Performance - 1 hour;
  • Informal chat with the artists, conductor, choreograph;
  • Your first try of a bulgarian dance with them;
  • Glass of high quality Bulgarian wine and typical bites.


Music and Dances performed by National Folklore Ensemble "Philip Kutev"


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National Folklore Ensemble "Philip Kutev"

National Folklore Ensemble "Philip Kutev"

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