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Montana district – Nature

Mramornata Cave (The Marble Cave) is anatural landmark declared in 1971 on an area of 16.30 hectares. The Marble cave is situated in the vicinity of the town of Berkovitza, Montana region.

Mishin Kamak cave wasdeclared natural landmark in 1962 in the vicinity of Gorna Luka village, Chiprovtzi municipality, Montana region. The...

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Natural parks and reserves

Vrachanski Balkan Natural Park is situated in Vratza ridge of Stara planina. It spreads between the Botunya and Iskar rivers. The highest peak in Vratza ridge is Beglichka Mogila peak (1,482m). The Vratza Mountain was built of palaeozoic rocks, Triassic sandstones and Jurasic limestone. Vrachanski Balkan Natural Park was founded in 1988 on...

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Varna district – Nature

Luda Kamchiya is the right feeder of the Kamchiya River. The river flows from the Sliven ridge of Eastern Stara planina. It flows in steep valley with a lot of shoots and horseshoe-shaped turns. Stara planina forms a narrow beautiful gorge in the Kotlensko-Varbishki and Kamchiiski ridge. Chudnite Skali, Svinskata Glava and the...

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Targovishte district – Nature

Kostadin Tepe is a rocky formations situated in Cherni Bryag village, Antonovo municipality, Targovishte region. It was declared protected territory in 1976 on an area of 5 hectares.

Petka Balkan is a century old forest from moss-capped oak (Quercus rubescens Willd), Hungarian oak and winter oak-tree aged 150 years old in the...

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