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Four Friends Winery

Our philosophy is to strive for perfection with our first-class wines by giving much attention and care to every detail: out in the vineyard, down in the cellar, in our attitude to the natural environment. We make unique wines for those special moments you spend with people that are special to you!

2006 may be the year of birth of Four Friends, but the idea of creating a boutique winery to produce quality wine from the Thracian Valley was conceived a lot earlier. The first vines were planted in 2006 under the watchful eye of a team of agronomists specialising in viticulture. They selected the best French varieties that are considered suitable to the climate and natural conditions of the region.

The name and logo of the winery reflect the idea of four friends united by their common love for wine and so decide to revive the taste of wonderful wine in a region with deep-going traditions in viticulture and winemaking.

The winery itself is an interesting combination of modern equipment and technology meeting the most stringent European quality standards, on the one hand, and long-standing tradition and experience in the art of winemaking, on the other. The modern installations for processing red and white grapes into wine are a guarantee for the high quality of our products.

With its first appearance on the local and international scene a few years ago, Four Friends caused a stir with the exceptional taste of its wines.

The Four Friends winery has over 40 hectares of vineyards in the Thracian Valley, the best wine growing region of Bulgaria. Our estate is nestled in the folds of the landscape near the village of Gorno Botevo, east of the district centre of Stara Zagora.

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Red Wine Black Shadow - Vintage 2015 0,750 l. - Four Friends Winery

Red Wine Black Shadow - Vintage 2015 0,750 l. - Four Friends Winery




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