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The Boyana Church

The church is located in the capital of Bulgaria - Sofia. There can be discerned three construction stages of the church:

  • The first stage - end of X c. - the beginning of XI c.
  • The second stage - the middle of the XIII c.
  • The third stage - during the XIX c.

The Boyana Church owes its fame to its murals from 1259 which represent the remarkable achievements of the Bulgarian medieval culture. The 240 images are characteristic in their individuality and vitality. The icon painting follows the regulations for painting a Christian temple postulated by the Seventh Universal Ecclesiastical Synod from 787 in Nikkei. The murals have characteristic artistic technique of performance, complexity and realism. According to world - famous specialists the murals of the Boyana Church are of great importance for the development of the Bulgarian and European painting.


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Christian art in Bulgaria

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