What Happens To The Bulgarians From Balкhara?

Аfter the  Balkhara's pogrom by Ardashir I - king of Persia,  Bulgarians left the territory of Pamir heading north. Some of them reach the present-day city of Samarkand and form the fifth Bulgarian state which existed until the 7th century AD.

The big lake that defined their boundary to the east was called Balkhash.

Other Bulgarians head west, cross the Kara-Kum Desert and reach the eastern Caspian Sea. There they form the VI Bulgarian State.  and  The Bulgarian Sea Dengeze (Bulgarian Sea) is named and the Balkhani Mountain.

A third part of Balkhara's people cross the other side of the Caspian Sea and settle along its western coast. They founded the VII Bulgarian state and called it Balkaria. This is what the Russian Federation is called to this day. Their towns were named Balkh and Bulgarbalkh.

The fourth part of the Bulgarians, led by  Voert crossed the  Caucasus mountain range. In 127 they settled in  modern day Armenia   Here they create the VIII Bulgarian state. Bulgarians named the country  Bulhar and the main town-  called Balk. They were marked with these names until the 9th century after Christ.  They also named one of the rivers  the Bulga stream- a name  preserved  down to the present day.

In the new era, Bulgarians reached Europe and settled on the shores of  Black Sea and on these of the Sea of Azov. Here they create the IX Bulgarian state. It is known and recognized by the Emperor Nikephoros as

Wherever the Bulgarians go, they carry the Bulgarian names with which they name mountains, rivers, seas. Just like the Europeans brought the names to America - London, Berlin, Moscow, New Orleans and many more.

The man in the photograph  is Gal Sasson.

He is an astrologer and teacher of Kabbalah (ancient Jewish mystical knowledge).

He teaches at the University of Judaism in Los Angeles, but  he is also a professional musician, writer, and licensed astrologer. His grandmother is a Bulgarian Jew from Varna, once a famous fashionista in the seaside town. He admits that he loves Bulgaria and feels comfortable here. He doesn't  like that our people have low self-esteem.

He says that according to astrology, the one who has low self-esteem, there will  will run out of money He also dislikes that the Bulgarians are quite superstitious. As an astrologer оf 2020, he says that Bulgaria will be kissed by God.

We hope!

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