Do you know why khan Altzek is better known as the defender of the Appennine ridge?

To this day,the easiest way to get rich remains the robbery.
After the collapse of the Roman Empire the Appenninie ridge is subjected to regular robberies by the Saracens (Arab Muslims). When the Proto Bulgarians arrived – locals regarded them as the next group of outlaws.

Altzek and the local rulers further agreed: He was going to protect from the raids their lands and they were going to provide a land to settle in return. Later he was awarded with the title 'gastald' ,which means a governor of an administrative distict.

Lands conferred on him are swampy and local rulers expect him to end up murdered by swamp fever after a while.This did not happen, thanks to the proto-Bulgarians, who drained the lands and turned them into arable land. The experience of Bulgarians in agriculture also has an impact on agriculture in the other areas.

According to an old custom, the proto-Bulgarians named the mountain 'Bulgaria', which is still its present-day name and the cities created by them contain the name 'Bulgarians' ( Bulgari). In the opinion of some scholars, by the middle of the twentieth century the population with Bulgarian roots in Italy amounts to nearly 3 million people. The origins of one world-famous brand`s creator come from this area. For years,the name of this brand sounded familiar to us and we wondered 'why'. There are two words that, after so many centuries, continue to bind us. The first is the word 'пес' (mutt/dog) which is used only in this administrative area of Italy and the second word is ‘lukanka’ (A Bulgarian (sometimes spicy type of salami.))

The monument of Khan Altzek is about 12 feet high. It is constructed by a team of historians and sculptors. Тhe completion of the building project took six months аnd and it costs L 65.000.
Тhe traditional Celle di Bulgheria – festival attracts Bulgarians from all across the globe .

Sometimes I wonder how today’s crybabies have nothing that remotely resembles that disciplined people ,but,at the same time, I am proud that there is a 'seed' of that people and they can raise money and make a monument. And not just any monument,but this particular work of art !

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