Do You Know Who Balkis Was?

Balkis is a queen mentioned in the Bible. In 1001 BC  Balkis was the woman giving  King Solomon riddles to solve . She is the  queen of Balharris, and Balharrisis the III Bulgarian state on the territory of Asia to the River Euphrates (Mesopotamia).

Later, these Bulgarians headed west and settled in Egypt`s Sakar region, then they went north and reached the Balkan Peninsula.  When they arrived, Bulgarians reached a mountain and called it Sakar Mountain,then they cаme across a river which they later called Tundzha  ,the pass through the Balkan Mountains Bulgarians called the Shipka Pass, and their sacred mountain was named Madara.

Bulgarians carried these names every place they went, just as Europeans carried their names – London, Moscow, Berlin, Paris to America . Up to the present day, there is a peak in Tianshan Mountain named after Khan Tengri.

Georgi Sava Rakovski and many other historians have written about these historical facts. Our modern-day history is written after our Liberation from Russia and the Austro- Hungarian Empire .Тhey must have considered it necessary to omit some historical facts.

It's in no one's best interest to present us as an ancient nation! To make matters worse, other nations have preserved historical facts about our ancient past but we still believe that  681 was the year of Bulgarian state's establishment. It is true that, even if these countries are currently located in Asia, their people still the same.

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