Do you know who Anna Akhmatova is?

After the death of Khan Kubrat, his five sons divided the people of Great Bulgaria. The eldest son Bayan stays on the territory of Great Bulgaria , Kotrag heads north along the river Volga, Asparuh heads south but Kuber and Alcek head west.

Following the Volga River to the north, khan Kotrag reaches its left tributary Kama River, where there are green forests, vast fields and in the distance one can see the Ural Mountains.

Here in 665 after Jesus Christ ,he founded the X-the Bulgarian state.  He called the capital of this country  Bulgar, and the state he called Bulgaria.

This Bulgarian state is known as (Volga`s Bulgaria)  Volzhka  Bulgaria or Silver Bulgaria because of its wealth. In the 10th century,these Bulgarians convert to Islam.

After 500 years of fierce wars with the Tartars in 1278, they fell under the Tatar yoke, and then into Russian slavery.  During slavery, they did not lose their identities and revolted against both Tatars and Russians.

In 1937, Stalin scattered them in Siberia in the camps .And now in the 21st century, these Bulgarians again want an autonomous state called \"Bulgaria\".

Anna Akhmatova is one of Russia's great poetesses with  Bulgarian roots.She gave up her father's name Gorenko and called herself Khan Akhmat. Another great poet Marina Tsvetaeva is also of Bulgarian origin.  Our Bulgaria had given Russia many great people.

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