Do you know where on Earth are the most fertile areas?


After 20 years of research National Geographic has proved that fertile areas cover 5% of the total world territory.

The other 2% of lands of highest quality are scattered across the world  like tiny dewdrops.

Bulgaria possesses three of five per cent of world's-top-of-the-quality degree of land fertility.

Close your eyes and just try to picture the proportions of the demographic depiction on the map.

It is what makes us so SPECIAL.

This fact was scientifically proved in order to answer the main question- Where the modern civilization happened to be born?  Here are some facts that nobody can appeal against:

  • The oldest processed gold is also discovered in the territory of Bulgaria .
  • Remains found here suggest that some of the oldest salt evaporation ponds- inherited from earlier times when the salt was costlier than gold.
  • The most accurate ancient calendar listed by UNESCO as a world heritage is the Bulgarian one.
  • The oldest surviving script of Proto-Thracians is also discovered in our homelands.

Today ,this historical  evidence is only seen in the remarkable museums of Bulgaria : The Neolithic Dwellings Museum in Stara Zagora, the Archaeological Museum in Varna,and many others.

Do you know where the most fertile lands on the planet are ?

According to the Bulgarian scientist Hristo Smolenov the “number Pi “ is also discovered in the territory of present day Bulgaria.

This number is the basis of all great constructions.

The American geophysicist Robert Schoch who is dedicated to time stamping of Egyptian pyramids- dates shrines before the Egyptian pyramids and determines that the civilization of Thracian lands is preceding that of Egypt’s . The first agricultural civilization.

And more and more of us, will be able to figure out – why everything in Bulgaria tastes like heaven.



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