Performances of the Bistritsa Babi (Grannies from the village of Bistritsa)

The “Bistritsa Grannies” is an amateur group for authentic folklore from the Shopski Folklore Region. The group was established in the Community Centre of the Bistritsa village (15km from Sofia) some 60 years ago. The group has a variable number of members of different ages. The women who take part in the group have different jobs and occupations but are united by the place they live in and the tradition they have inherited from their grandmothers and mothers. Their songs and singing technique is unique and that is why they are in the UNESCO Cultural Heritage List since 2005. The songs are polyphonic with characteristic melody preserved through the millennia.

The grannies and their granddaughters have had concerts in the Great Britain, France, Belgium, Italy, Germany, and the USA. The group has many awards from different festivals but their greatest recognition is their entry in the UNESCO Cultural Heritage List.

You have the unique opportunity to hear their magic live in a small concert hall in Sofia. Don’t miss the opportunity to hear their songs, talk to them in a friendly chat, dance a traditional Bulgarian “horo” dance with them and try the typical dishes for their region.

Price: VIP group under 4 people -  On request
Price for groups of 4 people - 148 euro per person
Price for groups of 5 people - 126 euro per person
Price for groups of 6 people - 112 euro per person
Price for groups of 7 people - 102 euro per person
Price for groups of 8 people - 93 euro per person
Price for groups of 9 people - 87 euro per person
Price for groups of 10 people - 82 euro per person

Duration - 1 hour

The price includes:
- Performance of authentic songs and rituals from the “Bistritsa Grannies” folklore group (of 5-10 women)
- Degustation of traditional Bulgarian food made by ancient recipes such as tripe soup, “banitsa” pastry with “boza”(sweet fermented wheat drink) and yoghurt, hominy(buttery maize porridge), white cherries jam, pumpkin jam(called “rachel”), traditional salad for the season.

For larger groups, Tour 4 fun can offer rates on request. Please send us an email at

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