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Burgozone Winery

Château Burgozone is one of the few Bulgarian wineries located in immediate proximity to their own vineyards. It is perched on the very bank of the Danube River, over the picturesque island of Esperanto, it bears the name and the spirit of the Roman fortress which was situated on the border of the vineyard complex...
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Telish Winery

Our Telish winery is built in the late 1960 but its new history started in 1999 when Jair Agopian obtained the winery from the state and set a new course for it. The winery started to produce a value for its money wine and ever since is a leader in introducing innovations to...

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Borovitza Winery

As an artisanal winery we are oriented mainly toward crafting limited volumes of wines with expressive character and carrying the specifics of the terroir and the North - Western Bulgaria is a region that offers good opportunities for growing grapes and wines with distinctive characters.

The Borovitza series are Chardonnay, Sauvignon blanc,...

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Winery Wine Union

Our winery is specialized in producing high quality white, red and rosé wines. We have our own laboratory, fermentation room and bottling workshop. Our wine-cellar is located underground with an area of 500 sq. m.. The temperature in the wine-cellar is always between 12 and 14 degrees centigrade for the best storage of...

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