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Vitosha natural park

The Vitosha Natural Park is located in Vitosha Mountain. Vitosha is a dome-shaped mountain with highest peak Cherni Vrah (2 290 m). The mountain occupies an area of 278 km2 with an average altitude of 1 500 m. The mountain has a plateau-shaped wide ridge and steep slopes going...

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Rila natural park

Rila Natural park is situated in Rila mountain. Rila is the highest mountain on the Balkan peninsula. It occupies an area of 2 629 sq. km and average altitude - 1484 m. Rila is divided into 4 parts: Northwestern part (Malyovishki) - the highest peak there is Golyam Kupen (2 731...

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Tisata Reserve is situated between the two banks ot the Struma river, at south edge of Kresna gorge. It has a protected territory of 574,50 hectares. In 1949 Tisata was declared protected territory on an area of only 19 hectares situated at the eastern edge of the reserve. There are about...

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Pirin natural park

The Pirin Natural Park covers the mountain with the same name. Pirin Mountain is situated between the valleys of the rivers Struma and Mesta. It is separated from Rila Mountain by the Predela Col and from Slavyanka Mountain by the Parilska Col. The mountain covers an area of 2 585 hectares...

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