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Manastirskite Vazvisheniya (Monastery Heights) are situated north of Sakar. They comprise territory between Ovcharitza, Sokolitza and Kalnitza rivers. Gradishte is the highest peak (600 m).

Monastery Heights are clearly outlined dome-shaped parts divided from flat col. There are forests on the highest parts of the heights.

Derventskite Vazvisheniya (Derventskite Heights) are...

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Reserves down the river Tundzha

Gorna and Dolna Topchiya Reserves are situated in the river-valley of the Tundzha River in the region of Elhovo. Gorna Topchiya reserve was declared in 1951 and spreads on 106.20 hectares and Dolna Topchiya was declared in 1960 on an area of 470.70 hectares. The two reserves were established aiming to preserve the...

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Natural park Strandzha

Strandzha Natural Park is situated in Strandzha mountain massif and it has three clearly outlined hills. The southern hill is the highest southern ridge. It is situated in Turkish territory and Golyama Mahiada Peak is 1,031m high. Rezovskoto ridge is traced out from the valleys of Veleka and Rezovska rivers. Golyamo Gradishte (710m)...

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Natural park Sinite Kamani (The Blue Stones)

Sinite Kamani (The Blue Stones) Natural Park is situated in the most southern and highest part of Sliven Ridge of Eastern Balkan Mountains. The Sliven ridge is situated between the Vratnik and Slivenski passes. The highest peak is Balgarka (1.181 m). Slivenskata Mountain is deeply cut with tributaries of Tundzha and Luda kamchiya...

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