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Varna district – Nature

Luda Kamchiya is the right feeder of the Kamchiya River. The river flows from the Sliven ridge of Eastern Stara planina. It flows in steep valley with a lot of shoots and horseshoe-shaped turns. Stara planina forms a narrow beautiful gorge in the Kotlensko-Varbishki and Kamchiiski ridge. Chudnite Skali, Svinskata Glava and the...

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Targovishte district – Nature

Kostadin Tepe is a rocky formations situated in Cherni Bryag village, Antonovo municipality, Targovishte region. It was declared protected territory in 1976 on an area of 5 hectares.

Petka Balkan is a century old forest from moss-capped oak (Quercus rubescens Willd), Hungarian oak and winter oak-tree aged 150 years old in the...

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Silistra district – Nature

Ostrata Kanara is a rocky formation in the village of Dobrotitza, Sitovo municipality, Silistra region. It was declared natural landmark in 1981 on an area of 1 hectare.

Pozharevo Island is a protected region situated in Pozharevo village, Tutrakan municipality, Silistra area. The aim was to preserve the natural habitats of protected...

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Shumen district – Nature

Debeletza in the village of Veselinovo, Smyadovo municipality, Shoumen region is a protected territory aiming preservation of century old beech forest and a natural deposit of vegetative kinds like: Hart's-tongue Fern (Phyllitis scolopendrium), male fern(Aspidium filix), female fern (Athyrium filix - femina) and protected animal species. It was included in the list of...

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